Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almay Oil- Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads (Rating: 8/10)

-Price: around $4-5 depending on where you buy it.
- can be purchased at: Walmart, walgreens, target, cvs, rite aid, etc.
-acclaimed as the #1 eye makeup remover in America
-comes in two types: oil free and moisturizing (the one i’m reviewing is the oil free one)
- the regular size comes with 100 pads, however the bigger size comes with 120.
- contains aloe, cucumber, and green tea extracts
-dermatologist tested
- Fragrance free, hypoallergenic, opthamologist tested

-removes waterproof mascara with no irritation
-conditions, hydrates, and soothes skin
-okay to use if you wear contacts
- leaves no greasy residue

First let me clue you in on about what I wear on my eye on a regular basis. Usually, I will just apply liquid liner and a coat of waterproof mascara. On some days I will wear eyeshadow with a primer. One thing that this eye makeup remover claims to do is to remove waterproof mascara with no problems, however I found that it was rather hard to remove completely. I had to rub over my lashes too many times and a little too hard to get it to erase all the mascara. I had no problems with getting eyeliner or eyeshadow off though. What I do like about this eye makeup remover is that it is not at all stinging on my eyes. It feels refreshing and cool to your eyelids. One thing I did however notice is that if you accidentally get some of the product in your eyes, it will make you tear up slightly but that goes away shortly after. There is also a slight greasy residue, but once you wash your face afterwards, it is all gone and your eye area feels moisturized. What I usually do is use one of these pads to get the majority of my eye makeup off from both eyes, and then I clean my face with water to get rid of the extra mascara still on my lashes. This system works pretty well for me. What I really like is that this product lasts me a pretty long time, doesn’t break the wallet, and it’s really convenient to use.

Definitely would repurchase this item! Very easy to use and very inexpensive!

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